According to data from Protyre, MOT advisories are found in 1 in 4 cars after leaving the forecourt and if not addressed, this could lead up to a £2,500 fine. Tyres and brakes being the most common serious MOT advisory.

Figures from Protyre show that it’s findings could apply to 9,550,000 vehicles on UK roads.

Drivers can be given a fine and 3 penalty points for driving a vehicle with faulty brakes, tyres or parts.

David Sholicar, Protyre’s national retail operations manager, said: “Most drivers breathe a sigh of relief when their car passes its MOT, but the advisories are a warning that your vehicle could still become unroadworthy in a matter of weeks if you ignore them. For example, a tyre advisory could be because the tread is nearing the 1.6mm minimum depth, or the tyres may have cracking due to the tyres age, or a brake advisory could be because the brakes are nearing the wear limit, or showing signs of deterioration– potentially posing a safety risk to you and your passengers. Despite poor tyre maintenance and faulty brakes being the top two most common reasons for vehicle accidents in Britain, they are the most common advisory for cars that pass their MOTs. Some research even suggests that as much as half of British drivers even ignore warnings of a faulty car part until payday.”

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