A new report by the National Infrastructure Commission suggests a ban on new sales on diesel HGV lorries by 2040.
The Commission’s Chairman, Sir John Armitt, said the move was to provide the feight industry with the certainty it needs to invest in new, cleaner technologies.
“Whether it’s retailers, manufacturers or each of us as consumers, we all rely heavily on our freight industry. As one of the most efficient in the world, it rarely fails to deliver.
“But we are paying the price for this miracle of modern service through the impact on our environment and air quality, and through congestion on our roads. Government must act to help businesses tackle these issues.
“Today’s report says we need to set out bold plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel HGVs, bring emissions from freight on both road and rail to zero and give the industry greater visibility in Whitehall and town halls.”
For more information, head over to the National Infrastructure Commission’s website.